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Landmarked Harriet F. Rees House Scheduled for Aug. 22 Move

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One of the biggest tasks McPier will undertake in preparation for the construction of the massive McCormick Place entertainment district is moving the 126 year old Harriet F. Rees House to a new location just one block away. The Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (aka McPier) received a permit from the city a couple of weeks ago to relocate the landmarked three story home and now a date has been announced for the big move. According to the Greater South Loop Association, the historic Rees House will be moved to its new location on August 22. The home's coach house will follow it a month later. At a presentation in April, McPier reps discussed the move and how it will be performed. The home will be wrapped in braces and placed on a huge 29-wheel dolly which will crawl from its current location at 2110 S. Prairie Ave. to 2017 S. Prairie Ave. Grab your cameras, it'll certainly be something worth checking out.

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