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Hunt Club Redevelopment Lines Up Building Permits

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It was over a year ago that a plan was hatched to close down the Gold Coast's Hunt Club nightclub and replace it with a three story retail and restaurant complex. However, earlier this year, the developers were hit with a lawsuit for monies owed on the purchase of an adjacent building, and then shortly after, a billboard company sued the condo association at 6-8 W. Maple for removing one of its signs. All of the legal SNAFUs appear to be resolved at this point as the city has issued a permit to developer Jim Lasky to begin construction of the new complex in the Viagra Triangle. Anchor tenants are expected to include a restaurant dubbed Maple & Ash, and an Urban Outfitters store. A rendering for the new development was spotted last December, however, the render shows a four story complex. A more recent render on Ald. Brendan Reilly's website is likely to be the final design of the complex. According to the permits issued, the estimated cost to construct the new three story complex is roughly $16 million.
·Viagra Triangle's Hunt Club May Give Way to This Retail Box [Curbed Chicago]