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The Time is Now: Vote for the Very Best Dog Park in Chicago

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As a part of Outdoors Week 2014, we're searching for Chicago's best dog park. Voting starts NOW, stays open all weekend, and closes at 9am on Monday. Look for the winner—erm, the top dog—shortly after.

Chicago dog owners, it is time to vote for the dog park that you think is the city's very best. We've narrowed down the entrants to five: Winnemac Park, Challenger Playlot, Grant Bark, Wiggly Field and Montrose Dog Beach. Windy City residents and pooches alike love to be outdoors, and these dog parks offer great spaces and amenities for our animal companions. So now it is time to wrap up Outdoors Week 2014 with a vote that will earn one of these dog parks the title of the most beloved in Chicago. The winner will be announced Monday afternoon, so stay tuned.

↑ Winnemac Park Located in Ravenswood, Winnemac Park is a large open green space that boasts a number of recreational facilities, including a baseball diamond, playground, tennis courts, and a dog friendly area. Dogs are welcome to romp and play on-leash at this sprawling North Side green space.

↑ Challenger Playlot The 4+ acre park in Uptown sports a fenced-in playlot specifically for pooches. Dogs are welcome to roam and play off-leash at this spot.

↑ Grant Bark Located in the South Loop, this nearly half-acre park at Grant Park allows dogs to romp around leash-free. Grant Bark opened in 2006 and features plenty of trees to sniff and a doggy water fountain to get a drink.

↑ Wiggly Field Lincoln Park's Wiggly Field has been around since 1997, and was the city's first official playlot specifically made for dogs. Though not an actual field, the dog park's name is derived from nearby Wrigley Field. Wiggly Field sports a number of dog amenities including a water fountain and an agility training area.

↑ Montrose Dog Beach Though Montrose Beach is known for being one of Chicago's dirtiest, the dog beach section is actually pretty clean and generally free of debris and garbage. Dogs love to splash around in the water and the beach is plenty big for running free through the sand.

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