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Eight Chicago Home Listings With Incredible 'Secret' Gardens

The city has some incredible park spaces, and several more even amazing public spaces on the way. In addition to Chicago's long-standing rep for having sprawling green spaces and excellent public parks, many city residents have incredible gardens of their own tucked away on their property. What could be better than enjoying the great outdoors from your own backyard? The "city in a garden" is more like a city full of gardens. Take a look at our list and be prepared to turn green with envy.

↑ 5755 North East Circle Avenue What's better than having a tiki bar, a pool, and a koi pond? Having all three. Ok, so it's not a secret garden, but what happens at the tiki bar stays at the tiki bar. This 3,000 square foot three bedroom home in Norwood Park packs a solid list of outdoor amenities for $825,000.

↑ 1330 North Cleveland Avenue Do you like contempo homes, like green space, and have about two million dollars? If you answered yes to all of the above, then this home is for you. This 5,500 square foot five bedroom home in Old Town can be scooped up for $1.875 million.

↑ 17 East Scott Street This swanky Near North Side home has been featured in Chicago Magazine, Trend Magazine, and now it receives the honor of making Curbed's list of homes with excellent outdoor spaces. But really, this four bedroom home is so modern it hurts. Just look at that huge wall of glass that separates the kitchen from the backyard. It won't come cheap though. Expect to drop $2.4 million for this home.

↑ 2030 North Magnolia Avenue Oh, Lincoln Park. You already have one of the best parks in the nation, and you're also covered in homes with huge backyards and gardens. Take for instance this 5,500 square foot home built in 1992. If it were South Barrington, this home likely would have been McMansioned-out to the nth degree. But it's not South Barrington. It's Lincoln Park, and this home's lovely secret garden deserves some respect. Its ask? $3.25 million.

↑ 1224 North Astor Street, Chicago, IL This five bedroom on Astor Street has a spacious interior, and a surprisingly nice rooftop garden. It's pretty clear that the current owners have a green thumb, and plants can be spotted throughout the listing. This home can be had for $3.75 million.

↑ 2112 North Sedgwick Street In its previous appearance on Curbed, this home made everyone smile with its whimsical photo of a room full of birdcages. However, the six bedroom Lincoln Park also has some serious outdoor space. This quaint patio space can be yours for $3.9 million.

↑ 1547 N Dearborn Street Ah yes, Ann Lurie's mansion. The home's lot is so large, that Lurie's previous sales team split the property into two pieces. The huge 18,500 square foot home first hit the market last summer at $18.75 million, making it the second most expensive property in Chicago at the time. The home itself can be now had for $13.75 million and the side yard previously had a cost of around $4 million, however, the home's new broker has stated in the listing that potential buyers "will have the opportunity to purchase the [side] lot in a private sale" for an undisclosed amount.

↑ 1955 North Burling Street What list of homes with great gardens would be complete without a nod to the bonkers Burling Street home that is now the city's most expensive single family home. This estate was built on five - that's right, five - city lots and sports the granddaddy of all gardens in the city of Chicago. Will you be its next owner? This one can be had for the princely sum of $18.75 million.