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The Decks, Patios, Balconies and Backyards of Craigslist

Alright, so we've all been there. You're approaching the end of your lease and you're ready to find a new apartment. And although you know that Craigslist has been overrun with spammers, scammers and sleazeballs, you still reluctantly point your browser to the apartment section and start looking. Oh ok, sure, there's definitely some honest folks on Craigslist, just looking to make an honest living, but that's pretty rare these days. We've done the dirty work for you and taken a look at listings that contain the words "backyard", "deck" and "patio" and have come up with this list. Some are surprisingly awful, and some are actually not bad. Let's take a look.

↑ WOW, a concrete slab. $850 for a one bedroom in Rogers Park? Sounds about right.

↑ Oh hell no. Carpet and furniture on the porch? This has fail written all over it. You can probably smell it from just looking at the pictures.

↑ Sometimes you've got to just work with what you've got.

↑ Ever wanted to live in a small village in Italy? Well, this is not one.

↑ Yep, it's a deck alright. What did you expect to see here?

↑ Ahh, a place to actually get out and relax. This is a rare win.

↑ And hey, look, it's a deck. It's small, but functional.

↑ You are now entering the Twlight Zone of Chicago apartment searching. Once you enter, you cannot escape.

↑ This has to be too good to be true. Or is it? Another rare Craigslist win - and the price is right.

↑ Hey, nothing a little bit of grass seed can fix right? And this is what your cute puppy will do to a backyard.

↑ Sweet angle shot. You literally cannot tell what is going on here. Otherwise, the yard looks like it could be promising.

↑ The old lock-your-lawn-equipment-to-the-tree trick. Works every time.

↑ That poor shed has seen some better days. But hey, at least this lawn is ready for some small fire pit action.

↑ And the saddest balcony in Chicago award goes to...

↑ Oh cool, great outdoor space. It definitely won't freak the children out at all.

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