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McPier Set To Begin Transplanting Historic Rees House

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Back in April, when Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (aka McPier) reps unveiled their updated master plan for the new $400 million McCormick Place entertainment district, the organization stated it was ready to move at a fast clip to get all of the pieces in place for the redevelopment that is slated to include a new arena, data center, hotel and retail. One of the first orders of business was to relocate the landmarked Harriet F. Rees House to a new location just a block away. Last Friday, the city issued a permit to McPier to begin this process, which will move the Rees House from 2110 S Prairie Ave. to 2017 S Prairie Ave. McPier will be moving the entire home, and the first permit is just for the home's steps and curb, however the rest will come along shortly. According to the presentation in May, McPier wants to begin demoing and clearing of the larger entertainment district site late this year, and have the site totally prepped for major construction by next spring. ·Previous McCormick Place coverage [Curbed Chicago]