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Perfect 80s Time Capsule on Lake Shore Drive Seeks $1.85M

Step into the Curbed time machine, and let's take a trip back to a period known as the 80s. You may remember them. You actually read the newspaper and watched the evening news on TV. Top 40 was actually good, and you weren't ashamed of cruising around in the new convertible listening to the pop station. Robert Palmer was the epitome of cool, and Whitney Houston was still a rising star. Forget returning video tapes to the store, if you had enough money, you watched your movies on LaserDisc. In the 80s, new computers cost almost as much as a sports car, but it was the decade of conspicuous consumption, so who cared - right? It was the decade of showing off, and when you had money, you wanted everyone to see it. Take for instance this 2,900 square foot two bedroom, two bathroom Gold Coast condo on Lake Shore Drive. Either the pictures are nearly 30 years old, or the decor hasn't changed in that period. Back in the day, this pad was seriously the coolest. However, this piece of 80s nostalgia doesn't come cheap though. For $1.85 million, it can be yours.

·1300 North LAKE SHORE Drive Unit 29-BC, Chicago, IL [Estately]