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Here's How The New Wanda Supertall Would Change Our Skyline

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While the residents of Chicago anxiously await official confirmation of whether or not the recently revealed supertall (350 meter) tower funded by the Chinese conglomerate Wanda Group and slated for Lakeshore East is in fact the Studio Gang design we've been expecting, the city has been buzzing about the prospect of a new skyscraper to fill out Chicago's skyline. Today, architecture buff Ryan Kremer has taken it upon himself to see exactly just how the new tower would fit in and has created these mockups using 3D software and Google Earth. While not representative of the proposed building's colors and materials, the renders give a pretty good preview of how the general shape and mass of the building will be visible from various popular vantage points around the city. Perhaps one day a completed Chicago Spire will also make an appearance in the Windy City skyline. Getting excited yet?
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