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130 New Apartment Units Coming to University Village

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Developer Property Markets Group is teaming up with architects Brininstool + Lynch for the second time to bring another large new apartment development to the Chicago neighborhoods - this time to University Village. Located directly adjacent to the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) campus, the $35 million development would consist of two buildings that would include a total of 130 residential units, 70 parking spaces and a small 500 square foot retail component. The new development, which consists of a six and seven story building connected together by a courtyard and amenity space, will replace a derelict structure near 1350 S. Union Ave. and has already been discussed at four community meetings in the area.

Noah Gottlieb, Senior Managing Director of Property Markets Group tells us, "The key to successful development in the city, especially in the local neighborhoods, is a proactive and productive dialogue with local residents and the alderman. The reality is, if you ask 100 people their opinion, you'll receive 100 different answers. So a healthy collaboration amongst all parties, which tackles and addresses the two or three key issues is the goal. That's what we were able to accomplish here and we got a better project out of it." The developer plans to move forward with the proposal and will submit a zoning application in the next couple of weeks.

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