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Landmarks Commission Doles Out Conditions for Wrigley Plan

The members of the Commission of Chicago Landmarks have seen the Wrigley Field master plan, and they have spoken: the plan looks good to them, but only under several conditions, the Sun-Times is reporting. First and foremost, the electronic non-video signs that are going up cannot have flashing or moving lights. The commission also wants the team to provide material samples that will be used and recommends that, if possible, the Cubs salvage or reuse the bricks that will be removed from the walls along the foul lines for the bleacher expansion. In addition, the commission wants the team to meet with them at least a month out before submitting any applications for permits involving the various phases of renovation project. Although the renovation prospects are looking more and more promising for the Ricketts, the drama may still be far from over if a legal battle with the rooftop owners follows the commission's recommendation to approve the plan.
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