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Own This Suburban Architectural Mashup For $1.48M

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What do you get when you combine modernism, postmodernism and contemporary schools of architecture together? Well, you would get something that looks like this Glenview home. Built in 2008, the home is still relatively new, but it's certainly rocking the aughts-chic, pre-recession decor and style. The four bedroom, four and a half bathroom home does come fully loaded however, and features a small indoor pool, a legit sauna with a steam room, a nice deck space that includes a fireplace and a three car garage. Back in 2009 when it was first listed, the home hit the market with a $799K ask, which dropped to $719K in February 2010, during the dark days of the recession. With the housing crash in the rear view mirror, it now returns to the market at $1.48M.

·4735 Lilac Ave Glenview, IL 60025 [Redfin]