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This Week In Chicago Real Estate Listing Fails, Wins & WTFs

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Welcome to Curbed Chicago's series that explores the very best and worst in online multiple listing service (MLS) ads. Every day, Chicago homes are listed to the many MLS sites with terrible photographs, messy rooms, or just plain weird (or awesome) decor.

Have you spotted a listing worthy of Curbed's seal of Win, Fail or WTF approval? We want to see them, so go on and do everyone a favor by sending 'em on over to our tip line.

This image is all kinds of confusing. Is that where the toilet is actually located, or did someone get too lazy to move it into a corner, or out into the garage for the listing photos? Either way, it's a bit bizarre.

And the "Parents of the Year" Award goes to the owner(s) of this home. Seriously, these kids rooms have custom made beds and bookshelves and are decked out floor to ceiling with sweet graphics. It's pretty safe to say that a substantial amount of time and effort went into transforming these bedrooms. A+ for the effort and solid execution.

Generally, photos of the attic are unnecessary for a listing, unless there's something really cool, special or unique up there. Creepy photos of a dude standing perfectly still in the middle of the attic certainly can and should be left out of the listing.

Here we have a listing for a $7.9M home with photos that are pixelated beyond recognition. Two megapixel cameras may not be the best tool for taking photos of a home that is as expensive as this one.

Just look at this photo. Seriously, you could print this out on nice glossy paper, throw it in a black frame and then ask your local coffee shop to hang it on the wall with a $500 price tag. The entire listing is full of gorgeous photos. Solid work there broker.

How is this photo helpful? It's a picture of a foot and some other stuff. The floor isn't even that clean. The entire listing is actually pretty sad. If you're ready to be thoroughly depressed, have a look.

Some people are into spooky stuff, but a lot of people aren't. Sure the old school telephone booth is pretty cool, but unless you're into odd things, the masks probably could have been removed for the listing photos. But hey, if this is your thing, more power to you.

This house was actually pending sale for a while, but appears that the deal fell through. It's Chicago, and we all understand that gangs are a reality of living in the big city, but the gang graffiti in this home could have been painted over or covered before taking photos for potential buyers to see. This basement may no longer be the hangout for gang members, but it's still a little creepy to think of all of the illicit activities that probably took place down there.

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