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Construction of Raised Bikeway on Roosevelt Has Begun

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A streetscaping and reengineering effort of the section of Roosevelt Road between State Street and Indiana Avenue that will feature the city's first raised bike lanes has begun. According to DNAinfo, the city has already started preliminary work on the new path, however major construction will begin on July 1. The plan to alter the streetscape of the one-and-a-half block section of Roosevelt is a pilot, and if successful, could lead CDOT to build more stretches of raised bike lanes throughout the city. The plan is broken up into three sections, two of which feature tree-lined two way bike lanes and pedestrian paths separated from automobile traffic on Roosevelt. However, the stretch between State & Wabash will essentially be unchanged, with the only big difference being that that bike lane will be painted green. In addition to the wider sidewalks and raised bike lanes, the plan includes the installation of new bus shelters. The city hopes that the changes will bring more people into Grant Park via bicycle and on-foot. Construction is expected to conclude this December.

Update: An anonymous tipster has sent us a photo showing that heavy equipment is already at the site.

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