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For His 147th Birthday, Here Are 7 Chicago Area Frank Lloyd Wright Homes On The Market

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Frank Lloyd Wright, one of Chicago's earliest and most important starchitects was born 147 years ago, and to celebrate the architect who put Prairie School on the map, we bring you seven Wright designed homes in the Chicago area that are on the market. Several Wrights have sold recently, including the beautifully restored Robert Parker House in Oak Park, the William and Jessie M. Adams House in Beverly, the George Furbeck House in Oak Park and most recently, the Warren McArthur House in Kenwood. In addition to the sold stuff, Wright's landmark Emil Bach House in Rogers Park was recently restored by Col. Jennifer Pritzker and reopened as a vacation rental. Though there is a small inventory of Wrights currently on the market, there are plenty of homes on the market designed by Wright students and admirers. Take for instance, this gorgeous Glenn Ellyn home by Wright protege Charles White, or this Old Irving Park Prairie style home by Clarence Hatzfeld, a former student of Frank Lloyd Wright. Some of the authentic Wright homes currently on the market could use some love, but others are in great condition and ready for new owners to occupy them. For those looking for Wright homes throughout the country, Curbed National has you covered. So without further ado, here are seven Wright designed homes available in the Chicago area.

↑ Robert Emmond House, 109 8th Avenue, La Grange, IL

One of Wright's famous bootleg homes, the Robert Emmond House built in 1892 was listed last December for $949,500. After sitting on the market for a number of months and taking a few price chops, the home's ask is now $829,000. Another Wright bootleg home (independent commissions Wright took under the table while employed by Adler & Sullivan), the Robert Parker House, is currently pending sale at $775,000.

↑ The William Winslow House, 515 Auvergne Place, River Forest, IL

Perhaps the nicest Wright currently on the market, the Winslow House has been lovingly maintained throughout the years and features Wright's original art glass windows and ornamentation. The River Forest landmark built in 1893 was originally listed last December at $2.4 million, but can now be had for $1.85 million.

↑ Robert Roloson Houses, 3215 South Calumet Avenue, Chicago, IL

Perhaps one of the more rare Wrights, this home is part of the Robert Roloson Houses, the only row house development designed by FLW. Built in 1894, this particular unit has undergone some major renovations throughout the years, and has lost some of its original Prairie charm. However, the four bedroom home would certainly be a practical purchase at $650,000.

↑ F. B. Henderson House, 301 South Kenilworth Avenue, Elmhurst, Illinois

Wright's F. B. Henderson House in suburban Elmhurst is a study in true Prairie School architecture. Built in 1901, the home has gone on and off the market over the last few years, but was most recently relisted last November at $1.25 million. The historic home is in absolutely gorgeous condition and can be had for $1.197 million.

↑ Isidore H. Heller House, 5132 South Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, IL

The Heller House has a long list of landmark designations, and it's easy to understand why. The seven bedroom home located in Hyde Park is noted for marking the turning point in Wright's architectural style and philosophy towards the straight lines, flat roofs, overhanging eaves and integration into the surrounding environment that would become Wright's distinct brand of Prairie School architecture. Own this architecturally significant home for $2.425 million.

↑ George W. Blossom House, 4858 South Kenwood Avenue, Chicago, IL

Located in Kenwood, the George W. Blossom House is one of two neighboring FLW bootleg homes on the 4800 block of South Kenwood Avenue. Col. Jennifer Pritzker had originally planned to buy the homes and turn them into a combined bed & breakfast, but the plan was nixed by residents of the area. The Warren McArthur House was just recently scooped up for $950,000, but the Blossom House is still available for $850,000.

↑ Avery Coonley House, 300 Scottswood Road, Riverside, IL

Another genuine Prairie masterpiece, the Avery Coonley House built in 1907 could use some love. The home sports beautiful art glass windows and wide overhanging eaves, but has fallen into disrepair over the years. The home was almost sold last September for $354,100, but returned to the market in April at the same price.