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Food Trucks & Live Music Coming Soon To Pritzker Park

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The Chicago Loop Alliance is looking to turn the underutilized Pritzker Park at the south end of the State Street corridor into a popular destination by introducing a series of events throughout the summer. Having already launched a number of placemaking efforts so far this year, next week the organization will kick off its "activation" of Pritzker Park by hosting an event that will bring food trucks and music from a "punk circus-themed marching band". The organization will also provide the park with fixed seating for up to 50 people. And speaking of seats, the Chicago Loop Alliance will be soon launching yet another placemaking initiative that will temporarily place bright red chairs and tables at a location for only a few hours. The program, called #CitySeats, will allow Twitter users to make suggestions on where the tables and chairs should go next. Once a new location has been chosen, the organization will provide hints via their Twitter account on where the red tables and chairs can be found. The Pritzker Park kickoff will take place next Tuesday from 12:30pm - 1:30pm.
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