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Sweet Vintage Map Shows Chicago Rapid Transit Lines In 1946

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Big changes are coming to heavily traveled CTA lines in the form of the $2.3 billion Red Line South Extension, the $492 million Your New Blue program and the Red and Purple Modernization plan which could consume 21 existing buildings to create a bypass line at the Belmont station. If one group has its way, even more changes could come to Chicago public transit in the form of several completely new train and bus lines. But before the Chicago Transit Authority was it is today, it was the the Chicago Rapid Transit Company. In this map, the last made during the CRT era, we can see a transit system that looks very similar to the one we use today. The map, which also includes an inset for the Loop, the Near North Side and the Near South Side shows how much the Blue Line has changed since the late days of the CRT and the early days of the CTA.

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