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Here's What Chicago's Skyline Looks Like On An Etch A Sketch

Chicagoans come up with all kinds of crafty ways to pay homage to their city, but one local artist has taken to a classic children's toy to create beautiful portraits of the Windy City. Albany Park resident Jane Labowitch uses the Etch A Sketch to make elaborate artwork, and sells her custom crafted pieces worldwide. Labowitch, who also goes by the moniker Princess Etch A Sketch, was recently commissioned to make a portrait of the skyscrapers that run along the Magnificent Mile and shared a few images on Reddit over the weekend. Though drawing out part of the city's skyline using only two dials seems like it might take an eternity, Labowitch stated that making this particular landscape only took about an hour to complete. Now let's see how long it would take to do the entire skyline on a big Etch A Sketch.

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