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Poorly Photoshopped Listing Images Show Virtually Staged Home

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The listing for this Andersonville condo is an interesting exploration in home marketing. We're all used to seeing rendered images of a home or condo unit that has not yet been completed, or seeing just regular old digital photos of an empty apartment. However, this listing for a two bedroom, two bathroom unit contains actual photos that have been virtually staged with designer furniture to give it some perspective. In the images, we can clearly see the glare of the camera's flash from the windows, along with awkwardly photoshopped furniture. Do you have a degree in graphic design? Are you well versed with the latest IKEA catalog? If you answered yes to the above questions, then there may be a future for you in digitally manipulating real estate listings. This pad can be yours for $299,900. Virtual furniture is not included.

·1402 W Foster Ave #3 Chicago, IL [Redfin]