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More Suburban Style Retail Planned For The Near North Side

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A new development planned for Division and Halsted could bring 192,000 square feet of retail and office space to an underdeveloped stretch between Goose Island and the Clybourn Corridor - but is its car-centric planning and focus on big box retailers out of touch with the changing Near North Side? At a little over half the size of Lincoln Park's massive retail and residential New City development, this new project's developers believe that the Clybourn Corridor is set to expand, and that the area is clamoring for more retail. The OKW Architects Inc. designed development would be composed of two structures with a surface parking lot in between them. One building would be stand at only two stories but contain roughly 28,000 square feet of retail space. The second, larger building would stand at six stories and contain 137,800 square feet of space for retail, offices and two levels for parking. Readers had previously described New City as too suburban, and out of place for Chicago. Is this new development with its focus on large retailers and parking also too suburban for the city, or is it the perfect addition to an expanding Clybourn Corridor?
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