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The 606 Trail Will Be Even Greener Than Originally Planned

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Although the delayed opening of the 606 may have been a bummer for many, the upshot is that the spring opening will allow all 250,000 plantings along the trail system and the new Ridgeway Park to be completed. Although the trail is nearly halfway complete, the newly added "Ridgway Park" will offer community members yet another chance to have their say in the creation of communal green space. The Trust for Public Land is currently assisting with the purchasing the former Magid Glove Factory at 1800 North Ridgeway Avenue, where the new park will be located. The 135,000 square foot industrial structure will be demoed and the land converted into a four acre park adjacent to the western trail head that caps off the west end of the Bloomingdale Trail. According to Chicago Park District planners who attended an open house this past weekend, the park is intended to be an alternative to cyclists and pedestrians simply reaching the western trail head and turning around, and is expected to offer amenities which complement those already available at nearby Ames Middle School. Ridgeway Park alone will serve an additional 2,300 nearby children, and could potentially open the door to further green space initiatives on the northwest side.
— Amanda Beemer
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