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Development Initiative Seeks To Makeover Uptown Corridor

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Uptown's shuttered Stewart Elementary School and a vacant stretch of CTA-owned land near the Wilson Red Line station could soon receive an extreme makeover. The Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC), a local planning organization, has recently teamed up with Gensler Architects, students from the Illinois Institute of Technology, US Equities and Uptown residents to create a number of hypothetical proposals for the redevelopment of the area around the intersection of Wilson and Broadway. Its Corridor Development Initiative presents several possible development plans for the publicly owned properties, complete with development and operation costs for each scenario. The organization has been working with Alderman James Cappleman's office, as well as community members to understand what type of development would best suit the needs of residents. According to reps from MPC, the purpose of the initiative is to address the needs of the community and explore realistic ways of implementing such development ideas. The initiative has been presented at a number of community meetings, but now the organization is currently seeking input from residents and community members. Once enough input has been collected, the MPC will present the conclusions of a new report to Alderman Cappleman's office.
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