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Checking In On Maggie Daley Park Construction

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Maggie Daley Park no longer looks like the foundation of a giant igloo, however, it is still far from complete. The construction crew has made steady progress since our last check in back in February, and within the last couple of months, workers have completed layering the top of the Millennium Lakeside garage with Geofoam (waterproofing membrane) and have begun hauling and dumping soil into the 20 acre site. The team has also started work on the park's climbing wall and ice ribbon walls (the paved path that leads to the climbing wall). The next major step for the park will be the planting of the first batch of trees and the installation of the play equipment, which is expected to begin in the next couple of weeks. Once completed, the park will contain hundreds of trees as well as native flora. To keep an eye on the park's progress, the Chicago Park District has set up webcams at two different spots for folks to watch the major construction effort as it unfolds.

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