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Inside Logan Square's Brand New Flexhouse2 Row Houses

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Coming off of the success of its Flexhouse project in the quickly-gentrifying Logan Square neighborhood, Ranquist Development dug in last October for a second round of its contempo row homes simply dubbed Flexhouse2. The new development, also designed by ISA Architecture, will eventually feature a total of 23 residences along Ridgeway and Hamlin avenues in the far northwest corner of the neighborhood. Of the 15 homes currently being wrapped up, only two are still available. Four of the 15 feature the same 1,900 square foot floorplan as the original Flexhouse development on Shakespeare Avenue, and the remaining will feature a slightly larger 2,100 square foot floor plan. Ranquist expects to break ground on the third phase of the development this September, which is when the current round of row houses are due for delivery. Houses 16-23 along Hamlin Avenue will be delivered by next Spring.
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