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City Issues RFQ For Logan Square Roundabout Redesign

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The City of Chicago has formally issued a request for qualifications (RFQ) for engineering and design services for the planned Bicentennial Improvements Project that will completely reshape the roundabout surrounding the Illinois Centennial Monument in Logan Square. The first phase of the project will revolve around a thorough traffic study that will be performed in coordination with CDOT and the CTA. The second phase will consist of the major design work and preparation of construction plans. County Commissioner Edwin Reyes has secured $275,000 in local funds to be puts towards the first two phases of the plan, which is expected to cost a total of $1M. Once completed, the new construction plan may not exactly resemble the mockup developed by the Bicentennial Improvements Project, however, key features such as improving pedestrian and bicycle safety and dramatically increasing green space will remain integral parts of the redesign. Responses to the RFQ for the initial traffic studies and design services are due by July 16.
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