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Here's A First Look At Goose Island's Newest High-Tech Hub

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Developer South Street Capital is moving forward with its plan to convert a vacant 285,000 square foot industrial facility into high-tech office space and retail in the heart of Goose Island. The development, along with UI Labs new Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute, are more indicators that the man-made island is transforming into one of the city's most important technology hubs. Dubbed 909 West Bliss, the complex will have room for around 500 tech employees and also feature roughly 10-15,000 square feet of commercial/retail space. Designed by Hartsthorne Plunkard Architecture, the new facility will offer a number of amenities aimed at attracting a high profile tech tenant, including large green roofs, indoor bike parking, a fitness center and LEED certification. Once the facility has secured an anchor tenant, South Street Capital hopes to proceed with the buildout at a fast clip.

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