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Bonkers South Barrington McMansion Has It All At $2.88M

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All the stops were pulled on the construction of this ginormous 7,273 square foot South Barrington manse. Recently completed, the large six bedroom, four bathroom home has every luxury amenity one could want. Vaulted ceilings with custom mouldings? Check. A parlor that sports a bar and billiards? Check. An indoor basketball court? Check. By the nature of them, McMansions generally don't age too well. And the Barrington area is chock-full of them. Many McMansions are cheesed out to the nth degree, but this one is just absurd - in a good and bad way. This home sits on a nearly two acre lot, has an outdoor swimming pool and a little marshland area. It can be had for $2.88 million.

·51 witt Road, South Barrington, IL [Estately]
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