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Rahm & The Donald Likely To Butt Heads Over "Trump Stamp"

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As the final letter of the controversial TRUMP signage goes up on the Trump Tower today, the mayor's office may soon get involved in the drama that has surrounded the sign. A city spokesman told the Tribune that Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who is keen on making the riverfront into a picturesque tourism nexus, thinks the river-facing sign is "awful," and that they're exploring options for having it removed. The 20-foot-tall lettering has been contentious since its first proposal, with everyone from community groups to aldermen stepping in to support or oppose the sign. Trump himself thinks Chicagoans will learn to love it, even comparing it to Los Angeles' iconic Hollywood sign. The mayors office hasn't stated exactly what steps they're prepared to take to get the sign nixed, but it's certainly hard to imagine two more powerful, media-savvy egos facing off.
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Trump International Hotel & Tower

401 North Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611