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Three Streeterville Buildings To Fetch Landmark Status

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Northwestern University's Streeterville outpost is about to get some deserved time in the limelight. Three buildings, now housing the university's medical and management schools and the Pritzker Legal Research Center, were recommended by the Commission on Chicago Landmarks to receive a historic district designation. The proposal now goes to City Council to make it official. The district will include the Montgomery Ward Memorial Building at 309-329 E. Chicago Ave.; Wieboldt Hall at 339-343 E. Chicago Ave.; and Levy Mayer Hall and Gary Law Library at 348-361 E. Chicago Ave. All three buildings were designed by architect James Gamble Rogers — famous for his grand "collegiate Gothic" buildings at prestigious schools erected in the 20s and 30s. Rogers' limestone buildings at Northwestern were formally dedicated in 1927.

— Megan Graham

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