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Here's What $400M Worth of Red Line Station Looks Like

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Continuing the Mayor's push to improve service and access to the CTA Red Line, the city is announcing today that they're close to awarding $200 million in construction contracts to build out and improve the station at Wilson Street and the 95th Street Terminal. The historic Wilson Red Line station will have its 1923 stationhouse replaced along with the elevated tracks, adding a connection to the Purple Line. At the far southern end of the line, the 95th Street Terminal will see similar upgrades to both the train and bus areas. With estimated total costs of $203 million for the Wilson station and $240 million for 95th, the upgrades for these two stations will cost a pretty penny but should be welcome upgrades for the tens of thousands of riders that use these stations every day. Construction is expected to begin this fall.

95th Street Terminal:

Wilson Station:

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