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Holy Crap, This West Loop Pad Is A Man-Child's Dream Home

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Holy Mother of God, this huge West Loop loft and garage is the ultimate man-child dream home. This sick 15,000 square foot space has enough room for old school arcade machines and 15 freakin' cars. Currently owned by a hedge fund manager and Las Vegas native, this garage is currently ranked as the 7th most expensive in the United States world and could almost make Jay Leno feel a little jealous. Spotted yesterday by DNAinfo, this huge 7,000 square foot open penthouse loft space features a bar, a casino room and more than enough room for some epic parties. Tired of being cooped up indoors? You and your broskis can move the party outside to the 1,000 square foot rooftop which also features a hot tub. Own this fantastic West Loop dream home for just $4.75M.

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· 1140 W Monroe St, Chicago, IL 60607 [Zillow]