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This Is What Chicago Looks Like In A Video Game

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Chicago is finally getting a starring role in a new video game. New York, LA and Miami have all made cameos in the popular Grand Theft Auto series, but a new game called Watch Dogs will take place in an Orwellian version of Chicago. Although the scale and placement of buildings is not completely accurate, the graphics are quite surprising and this semi-fictional city depicted in the game definitely looks like our fair city. Some of the Chicago icons spotted in this promo video include famous buildings like the Willis Tower, the Trump Tower, the John Hancock Center, the Aqua Tower, and Marina City.

·Watch Dogs Exclusive Series - Part 3: Re-imagining Chicago [Youtube]
·Watch Dogs [Official Website]

John Hancock Center

875 North Michigan Avenue, , IL 60611 Visit Website

Marina City

300 North State Street, , IL 60654