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Donald Trump's Big Dumb Sign Is Going Up Right Now

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If you're in River North right now, go ahead and say goodbye to the Trump International Hotel & Tower's beautiful, untampered glass exterior because the Donald is starting to put up his big dumb sign. It's still difficult to tell whether the new "TRUMP" logo will ultimately look like the huge 20 foot gaudy stainless steel sign that was previously depicted, but we'll know soon enough. The Donald received a permit from the city last October to add his name to the 96 story Adrian Smith designed tower, but wanted to wait until the weather improved to install the sign. And once it has been installed, Trump's name will not only become a permanent fixture of the Chicago skyline during the day, but his large sign will be visible at night via an LED lighting system.

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Trump International Hotel & Tower

401 North Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611