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Vintage Video Tour Shows Downtown Chicago In The 1960s

Tourism is a big deal in Chicago and a major part of the city's economy, as 40 million people visit the Windy City every year. This year, Mayor Emanuel has announced initiatives to boost tourism even higher, with the hopes of reaching 55 million visitors annually by the year 2020. Set to a classic Frank Sinatra soundtrack, this homemade movie shows a trip through downtown in the 1960s. Although there was no Millennium Park or the long list of outdoor festivals that call Chicago home, the city has always had world-class architecture, museums, parks and shopping. In this old film we can see some of Chicago's important cultural landmarks. Starting from O'Hare, heading down to the Loop past the Chicago Theater, down through State Street (that great street) towards the lake, our guide hops on Lake Shore Drive and continues cruising past Buckingham Fountain, and the Museum Campus. It's easy to see why folks were excited to visit the Windy City back then, and although so much has changed in the last several decades, the city in the video is unmistakably the Chicago we all know and love.
Chicago 1960s [Youtube]