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The Cubs Formally Unveil New Wrigley Plans, Now What?

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Renders via Chicago Cubs
Renders via Chicago Cubs

Yesterday at a press event, Chicago Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts formally presented the team's newest plan to expand and update Wrigley Field. The revised plan comes at the heels of a video statement released last week by Ricketts, who stated that the team had decided to move forward with their $575 million master plan to renovate the 100 year old ballpark and add new facilities. Despite the ongoing fight with the nearby rooftop owners, and Alderman Tom Tunney's dissatisfaction with this new-new plan, the Ricketts hope to steamroll opposition and start work on the renovations as early as July. The plan includes a total of seven new signs: a 4,000 square foot (roughly) electronic sign and three 650 square foot advertising signs for the left field and a 2,400 square foot electronic sign with two more advertising signs for the right field.

So what happens next? After breaking off talks with the rooftop owners, the Cubs management's next step is to present the proposal to the Commission on Chicago Landmarks next Thursday. If all goes as planned, the Cubs will complete the overhaul of Wrigley Field by opening day 2018 - pending any legal battles with rooftop owners.

Last week we asked readers to share their thoughts about the Wrigley debacle, and here's what we received:

"I am a long time Wrigley resident and I see only upside in the renovations to the park. I would appreciate if you guys shared thoughts from both sides, rather than reflecting only those of the rooftop owners. How are additional bleachers, signs and lights harmful to the non-roof top owning residents of Wrigley???"

"The Ricketts demonstrated their true intentions and "care for the residents" in how they treated the parking deal at Basic Wire. They are just dollars and cents. They alienated fans and an entire neighborhood in the process. What makes you think they will treat the team or development any different? Finally, there are creative solutions to the sign issue and the bar owners... Why not make the sign retractable for example? They don't want to fix anything... they just want what is good for their pocket." If you'd like to share your thoughts about the Wrigley Field overhaul, feel free to drop us a line, or leave an anonymous tip.

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