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Various Shades of Pizza Dominate Top Google Searches in IL

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When it comes to Google searches, pizza is popular in Illinois. According to the Estately blog, who recently took a look at what folks in states across the country are Google searching, the top searches in Illinois go as follows: burrito, deep dish pizza, Dennis Rodman, golf injury, Oasis (band), pizza, racist jokes, thin crust pizza. Yes, various shades of pizza took three spots in the top eight results. That, and racist jokes. Come on Illinoisans, let's pull it together. Well, at least we're not Georgia, who is searching for "cooking crack", "butt implants" and "what is tofu?", right guys?

But on another interesting note, when digging deeper through Google Trends, Curbed has discovered that Chicago is the second most searched city in the US.

What about those who are digging around Google for info on moving to Chicago? A quick search at Google Correlate shows that the top states who are searching the term "moving to Chicago" (in order) are our neighbors in Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin.

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