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Woodstock McMansion Has Private Beach, Optional Helipad

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Standing at 20,000 square feet on a 20 acre stretch of land, this Woodstock McManse is a force to be reckoned with. Built in 2000 and dubbed Glaciers End Estate, the broker babble states that this mansion is not only "perfect for corporate events", but it is truly "resort style living at its finest". It certainly does have a resort vibe going on to it - something like a fancy rehab center or senior living facility, maybe? All jokes aside, this estate really does have it all, including two elevators, a private beach, four kitchens, and a helipad option. Perhaps a solid investment opportunity to utilize the home as a corporate retreat, Woodstock is no stranger to vacation rentals. The whole shebang can be had for a steep $6 million.

·19802 Dunham Road, Woodstock, IL [Estately]