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This Is What Downtown Chicago Looks Like From A Drone

Creative Aerial Media - Navy Pier sample footage from Creative Aerial Media on Vimeo.

Whether we like it or not, drones are here to stay and they're changing the way we see our world. Often cited as a surveillance tool, drones can be useful in many other ways, including real estate photography. The folks over at Creative Aerial Media have been flying a multi-copter around Chicago's lakefront to make videos of several landmarks, including Navy Pier, Montrose Harbor and Burnham Harbor. Due to safety reasons, the drones fly at a max height of 500 feet, however sweeping views of the city can easily be achieved at such heights. More videos can be found on Creative Aerial Media's Vimeo page.

Test shoot from Burnham Harbor from Creative Aerial Media on Vimeo.

·Creative Aerial Media [Vimeo]

600 E Grand Ave. Chicago, IL