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Old Irving Park Single Family Home Real Estate Deathmatch

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In today's edition of Real Estate Deathmatch, we compare four single family homes in the quiet Old Irving Park neighborhood. All four northwest side homes were built around the turn of the century, and feature that classic old school Victorian charm. Today's deathmatch includes homes that range in size, location and price so be sure to take a long gander and let us know which place you would choose.

↑ 4119 West Addison Street The first entry in today's deathmatch is this cute home with a white picket fence. With three bedrooms and three bathrooms, this home is the smallest and most affordable of the bunch at $475,000. The home itself has been beautifully renovated and features a brand new kitchen and nice sized deck area. However, it is also right on Addison Street, and could potentially be a bit on the noisy side.

↑ 4203 North Kildare Street Next in line is this four bedroom, two bathroom home on Kildare Street. The home definitely has an old school vibe going on, and features a large yard and multiple porches. It can be had for $599,000.

↑ 3738 North Kedvale Avenue This 3,000 square foot home on Kedvale is a bit of an interesting one. Don't let the dated furnishings fool you though, this home has been updated but still retains most of its turn of the century charm. Similar to the previous listing, this home is situated on a large lot and sports a spacious back deck and wrap-around porch. It also comes with a small green room. Its ask? $749,950.

↑ 3945 North Tripp Avenue Finally we come to the last, and largest home in today's deathmatch. With five bedrooms and five bathrooms spread over 5,800 square feet, this home on Tripp Avenue is also the most expensive of the bunch at $839,000. The home has been tastefully restored, and sports what appears to be its original stained glass windows and doors. This historic Victorian home has received a media room, gym, and a wine room.

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