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Are The Ricketts Insufferable For Monetizing Wrigley Field?

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In his video plea yesterday, Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts stated that in order for the team to have any chance at winning, the Wrigley Field renovations need to happen now. So is this all really about giving back to the fans and providing the team with the best possible player facilities? Ricketts says that his family is just merely trying to "exercise their right" to move forward with the plan, but some folks believe that the Ricketts are just trying to squeeze as much advertising dollars out of the Cubs™ franchise as possible by adding even more signs to the 100 year old park than what was originally planned. If the Ricketts' $500M master plan was not already contentious enough, yesterday's video statement certainly turned the sensitive issue into an even more polarizing one. And Wrigleyville residents aren't the only ones whose feathers were ruffled by the stunt. Former Ricketts ally and Wrigley renovation supporter Alderman Tom Tunney has come out against the new plan to add new electronic signage to the Friendly Confines.

So, what's actually in the new-new renovation plan? According to the Tribune, sources report that the Ricketts intend to submit a new proposal that would add more electronic signage, additional seating and outfield lighting, larger clubhouses and a "relocation of the quaint bullpens from foul territory to a spot under the bleachers by removing bricks and some of the iconic ivy and covering the space with a material that would allow relievers to see onto the field".

So what do residents think? Yesterday we received an anonymous message from a longtime (former) Wrigleyville homeowner who shared with us their thoughts on the latest:

It's all terrible. I detest sports. ALL about the moola. Everything.
We lived fairly close to WF for 21 years. Thank goodness we moved out.
Away from all the conflict and chaos. A nightmare with every Chicago
ball game. Idiots would park on our block. They get drunk, nasty and

out of control. Totally insane, ruthless. What do you think about the Wrigley Field debacle? Feel free to send us a message, or leave an anonymous tip.

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