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Ricketts Family Moving Forward With Wrigley Master Plan

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Tom Ricketts, chairman of the Chicago Cubs and member of the wealthy Ricketts clan has taken his family's message against the Wrigley Field rooftop owners directly to the people via a new video. The team's $500M master plan has been stuck in a holding pattern for over a year, and despite being embattled in a legal case with the nearby rooftop owners, the Ricketts are ready to push forward with their renovation and expansion of the Friendly Confines. According to Ricketts, Wrigley Field is the third most visited tourist attraction in Illinois, and drives $650M in local economic development annually. Ricketts also states that, "At Wrigley, our major league team is in the worst player facilities in baseball". The owner pleads his case that the renovations are necessary for the Cubs to not only become more profitable, but for the organization to build a team that can make it to the World Series. And despite months of negotiations with the rooftop owners, Ricketts believes that it is finally time to move forward.

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