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40-Acre Northerly Island Makeover Expects Summer Wrap Up

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Northerly Island's $7 million makeover is still underway, however, according to a recent update on Facebook, the city hopes to have the first phase of the island's massive construction effort completed by this summer. The 91 acre man-made peninsula was once the home to Meigs Field, a single strip airport that was famously bulldozed in the middle of the night on orders from Mayor Richard M. Daley. However, several years after the famous incident took place, a dramatic plan to turn the small island into an urban oasis was presented. Hometown architecture heavy-weight Studio Gang was tapped to develop the master plan and came up with a vision that called for five different ecosystems with winding trails and a deep-water lagoon. Construction began nearly two years ago, and at this point, the southern 40 acres of Northerly Island have been completely overhauled. In addition to the new trails and lagoon, the park will feature new camping areas, boardwalks, and a bridge at the south end to complete the path system.
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