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The 5 Least Expensive Listings In The West Loop Right Now

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Welcome back to another edition of Curbed Chicago's Top Five, where we explore the most or least expensive listings in a particular neighborhood. Today we venture out to the West Loop to take a look at the neighborhood's five least expensive listings. For well under $300K, a classic West Loop brick and timber loft can be scored. According to the results of our MLS hunt, these are the five cheapest listings in the popular neighborhood right now.

↑ 565 W Quincy St #1311 At $190,000, this 625 square foot one bedroom condo is the most affordable listing in the West Loop at this moment. The building sports pretty unique amenities, including a bowling alley, movie theater and a game room. The pad has only been listed for a few days, but will likely get scooped up fast at that price.

↑ 700 W Van Buren Street #810 Next up to bat is another one bedroom, one bathroom pad under $200K. This loft space on Van Buren Street is completely raw and ready for customization. Having been listed for less than a week, this space is also likely to be scooped up rather quickly at its $194,000 ask.

↑ 210 S Des Plaines Street #1103 This studio has been listed for nearly three months and may be a candidate for a price chop at some point. It features all the standard goodies like in-unit washer/dryer, large balcony, and a new kitchen with granite countertops. It can be had for $205,000.

↑ 1250 W Van Buren Street #312 This one bed, one bath loft is classic West Loop with its timber and brick aesthetics. The open layout features a slightly lofted bedroom and a large balcony. A parking space is included at $205,000.

↑ 1500 W Monroe Street #406 Similar to the previous listing, this classic timber and brick West Loop loft can be had for $205,000. At 850 square feet, this pad sports tall ceilings and an open layout. The loft includes in-unit laundry but a parking spot is an additional $25K. This loft has only been listed for two days.