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Infill Coming To Long Empty Lot Along Milwaukee Avenue

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A long empty lot along Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square could be getting up to 12 residential units if all goes according to plan for one developer. The lot of land along the stretch between 2489-2505 North Milwaukee Avenue has been the site of multiple failed proposals over the last several years, with the most recent scrapped plan being for a five story development with 39 rental units. After failing to get the needed traction for the apartment development, Starwood Capital decided to dump the Logan Square site last autumn. However, this week, the city issued a new construction permit to SNS Realty Group to erect a Hanna Architects designed residential building with six units at 2489 N. Milwaukee. Interestingly enough, the developer is looking to double up and construct two of the exact same buildings at the site. The other permit application for 2501 N. Milwaukee is still pending approval. The buildings will feature first floor office space, and each will contain parking for six cars. Keep an eye out for construction crews, as this long neglected lot will soon be receiving some much needed love.
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