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CTA Could Consume 259 Properties For Red Line Extension

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Last night at an open house, the CTA laid out its complete $2.3 billion plan to extend the Red Line south to 130th Street, and revealed that in order for the ambitious expansion to happen, the transit agency would need to acquire 259 properties along the path. The Red Line currently ends at 95th Street, and the extension would add 5.3 miles of new track to the busy transit line. In addition to shortening commute times for South Side residents going to the Loop, the city believes that the extension would connect the neighborhoods to much needed jobs, green space, educational institutions and medical facilities. Of the 259 properties needed to complete the project, 95 contain residential buildings. The city has been ambitious with transit updates and expansions lately, however, the Red Line extension would be the CTA's biggest since the Blue Line was extended to O'Hare in the early 80s.

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