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This Tower Will Replace Pizza-Adorned Gino's East Building

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Not content with just one River North lowrise-turned-apartment/retail highrise, Magellan Development and Mac Management are actually working on two such projects at once. The first is the Howard Johnson Inn project, which we've reported on before, and the second involves replacing the former site of the River North Gino's East at Ontario and Wells with a 450-unit, 418-foot apartment tower designed by local Chicago firm Loewenberg Architects.
Alderman Brendan Reilly of the 42nd ward released the included render with an update to constituents, which shows a roughly-36 story building of brick and glass, with about 26 floors of apartments on top of an 8 story base which will probably be split between retail units and residential amenities. Crains reports that there will also be a 28,000-square-foot green roof connected to the office building it shares a block with (home of Effen Vodka, among others).

Originally a Planet Hollywood restaurant, the building at 633 North Wells St was home to a popular Gino's East location for years until their recent move to the building that once occupied LaSalle Power Company and, before that, the original Michael Jordan restaurant.

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