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This Is The Saddest Apartment Ad On Craigslist Right Now

Creepers prowl the housing classifieds of Craigslist seemingly on a daily basis, but the person behind this post is just straight up looking for a girlfriend via a housing ad. Is that even legal? Generally, Craigslist creepers tend to be coy about their thinly veiled (and desperate) attempts at finding a girlfriend, but this West Rogers Park bachelor is playing for keeps. Also, a Caribbean vacation is included with this apartment.

Large 3-bedroom 2-bath, 1700 sq ft apartment, newly decorated, refinished hardwood floors, ceiling fans. i'm looking for an attractive gal, easy going, no drugs, no drinkers, no drama. i'm an attractive, sporty easy going guy, 52 I want to go to the Caribbean in july, but don't wish to go alone. lets meet for dinner, and talk a little, great food, good conversation, and a few laughs.
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