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Construction Kicks Off For British School's South Loop Campus

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The British School of Chicago has had plans to build a campus in the South Loop for quite some time now, but after over a year of delays work has begun on the site located just to the north of the Roosevelt Collection shopping and residential center. According to a release made in December of last year, the school plans to have construction completed in time for the fall 2015 semester.

The 2.2-acre parcel of land was sold to the original owners of Roosevelt Collection with the agreement that the space be utilized for a public park. However, its new owners had different plans in mind, and when it was announced that the site would be used instead for a private school there was an uproar among community members who had been waiting anxiously for the park they were promised years ago. After some back-and-forth about the design of the public features, including easier access to the rooftop park that would be connected to the plaza level of Roosevelt Connection, the powers-that-be gave the project the go-ahead.
This post was authored by Curbed Chicago contributor Aaron Dunlap.
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Roosevelt Collection

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