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106 New Apartments Coming to Former Cabrini-Green Site

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The Parkside of Old Town development that is closing in on the former Cabrini-Green site is ready to move on to its next phase of building 106 more apartments where the former public housing project once stood. According to Crain's, the developer wants to build a complex that includes five "townhouse style" units with two flats attached to it, and an additional building that would contain twelve units. In total, the new complex would contain 36 units reserved for CHA residents, 27 units for "affordable" rental rates, and 43 apartments to be rented at the standard market rate. In February, the CHA released its draft proposal for the redevelopment of the former Cabrini-Green site, but stated that more details would not be revealed for another few months. If anything, the expansion of the Parkside of Old Town project certainly indicates that the city is ready to start moving redevelopment plans forward.
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