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A Peek Inside Michael Jordan's Absurdly Gigantic Home

If you've ever wondered what the inside of Michael Jordan's Highland Park Air Lair looks like, this video tour reveals much more detail than a set of photos can. Be warned however, as the production quality of the nearly 10-minute long video is Grade A Cheese, complete with classic NBA footage of MJ dunking on chumps and dramatic music playing in the background. The video was coordinated with the failed auction of Jordan's 56,000 square foot suburban estate from last December. On the tour, we get to see how MJ's 1995, post-three-peat-home flows together, including a look at his awesome swimming pool, and full size NBA regulation basketball court. After dropping to nearly half of the original $29 million ask, his Airness' absurdly large lair is still up for grabs for an MJ sized price of $16 million.
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2700 Point Dr Highland Park, IL 60035