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Is This What The Future of Chicago's Public Transit Looks Like?

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Last week Mayor Emanuel made headlines for referring to the authors of a state task force transit study as "propeller heads", and a couple of days later yet another transit proposal emerged via a mysterious minimalistic website with glossy maps of a redrawn CTA light rail system. The site signals the launch of a new campaign led by the Center for Neighborhood Technology and the Active Transportation Alliance called Transit Future, and seeks to connect Chicago's neighborhoods with each other and to job centers. The campaign takes inspiration from a massive public transit expansion and fundraising effort in LA that raised $40 billion for new rail line construction by raising the sales tax by half a penny. The plan proposes a new and expanded transit system that stretches out into the suburbs, but as far as the city is concerned, Transit Future proposes line extensions for the Red and Brown lines, as well as a couple of completely new lines, including one that runs along the city's West Side, and another that offers service to the south lakefront neighborhoods. To check out the full plan, get your mouse's scroll wheel fired up because you're about to do a whole lotta scrollin'.

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